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Bringing Cars & Motorcycles to Life

Sometimes, a simple cell phone picture is enough. Sometimes, it takes more to bring a car to life. You've invested in a car that means something to you, so make sure the things that make is special are conveyed by your photos.

I take great care to bring out the best in every car or motorcycle I shoot. As an enthusiast, it's important to me that my photos do your vehicle justice. Standardized pricing lets us be flexible and focus on the shots that are most important to you. We'll work together to capture the exterior, interior and details of your car or motorcycle. I'm happy to get creative with rollers and track days, so feel free to bring up ideas and give your car the rock star treatment it deserves.


Photo sessions are priced at $300 for the first hour, and $200 for each additional hour with a one-hour minimum.

Each session includes one location and 50 miles of travel. For each additional mile, there is a $1 fee. Mileage is measured and charged on a one-way basis. Example: a shoot located 55 miles away would incur a total mileage fee of $5. 



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