Imagine the scene.

The year – 2004. The cast – two teenagers with dreams of skiing greatness and what we’ll just call modest skill. Equipped with my dad’s camcorder and a Blink-182 CD, I set out to make a ski movie that would make Warren Miller proud. The result was about what you’d expect, but it was a start and I’ve been hooked on storytelling ever since.


Since then, I’ve used cameras, websites, magazines and lots of teamwork to tell stories that make people feel something. My work has taken me to South America, Asia, the Middle East and across the U.S., and I’ve been lucky enough to turn strangers into friends at every turn.


In a lot of ways, I’m still the kid from New Hampshire. I’m just bringing other people’s adventures to life with better equipment, more skill and as much enthusiasm as ever. I’m personally grateful every time someone trusts me with a project.

Meet the Team



Brawn of the business.

Loves deep snow and fast cars.



Brains of the business.

Loves frisbees and peanut butter.